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Warner Robins council gets rid of appeals for department heads | News

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Warner Robins council gets rid of appeals for department heads


Members of Warner Robins city council voted to get rid of an appeal process for department heads if they were let go.

The repealed chapter of the city code was initially put in place four years ago to protect department heads. It allowed for the employee to appeal council's decision to fire them over a three month paid period, but with a four to one vote council turned that upside down.

Councilman Tim Thomas explains the majority vote, "If four of us decide we want a department head gone then he's done something wrong. We're not out head hunting, we're not looking to replace anybody right now, but say if we do at this point we'd have to pay them for at least three months through the appeal rights and then it comes back to us anyways. We have the final say so we see it as a waste of money."

While Councilman Keith Lauritsen voted against the change. "Well I think it came on very sudden. I wasn't really aware of it from the beginning and it kind of caught me off guard a little bit just really felt like we needed some more time to study it and look at it maybe make a better decision. Not saying that it was the wrong decision. I certainly wouldn't be in favor of getting someone appeal rights for twelve months."

Councilman Chuck Shaheen refrained from voting.


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