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Businesses Offer Help to RAFB Furloughed Employees | News

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Businesses Offer Help to RAFB Furloughed Employees

Civilian workers at the Robins Air Force Base are facing furloughs.

But companies around Warner Robins banded together to help out where they can. 

Rosalind Overton is making a few lifestyle changes.

"What I plan on cutting back on is food. We'll have to plan on making a dollar stretch as much as possible," she says.

She currently makes $50,000 a year working at the Department of Defense at Robins Air Force Base. 

Overton raises two children on her salary, but in a few weeks, she'll be getting a 20-percent pay cut.

"It's not just me. It's all households here in robins, you know. Just trying to do the best that we can do," she says.

Overton is among 15,000 civilian workers expected to take up to 11 days of furlough between July 8th through the end of September.

It's a result of automatic spending cuts known as sequestration. 

"This is my first furlough, but at least i'm not unemployed. That's a great given."

That's why Overton made her way to the SHARE event in Centerville.

About 30 companies volunteered to offer services to people affected by the furloughs. 

Right now, her biggest concern is paying her mortgage. "Make sure we have a household that's liveable, air conditioning, heating, and food and gas. Everything counts."

The single mom has been working on the base for 12 years and wasn't prepared to take this mandatory unpaid leave.

"Now that it's coming to pass, you've got to deal with reality," says Overton.


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