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Rigby's Entertainment Center to Open Friday | News

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Rigby's Entertainment Center to Open Friday

A Warner Robins businessman is about to open an entertainment mega-plex in the International City.

Steve Rigby built a 50,000 square foot family fun center off Highway 96.

He says it will open Friday, May 3rd.

Standing in "Rigby's" Friday morning, he said, "I built this from the ground up. It's one of a kind. There's nothing like this in the world."

Rigby learned about bowling alleys, game rooms, skating rinks and more by traveling to entertainment venues around the country.

He said, "I tried to get everybody's best idea. Then, one up them."

Rigby planned on opening the doors last year, but says he kept finding ways to make it better. The plans morphed through 26 renditions, before the final product.

Rigby said, "I would come back from a trip and see something I liked better, or something I thought wouldn't perform as well, and we changed it."

It's now a sprawling arcade and game room, filled with flashing lights and prizes.

Rigby said, "When they come in here, they see what we have accomplished, and say, 'Wow, we cannot believe this is in Warner Robins, Georgia'."

There's two stories of laser tag, a restaurant with everything from chicken wings to tilapia.

It offers an adults only lounge, that overlooks the game rooms. He says parents can relax there, while watching their kids play.

Rigby's will offer 5 corporate meeting rooms, and a 4-lane private bowling suite. It can be rented out for parties or business meetings.

The skating rink also converts into a convention center.

The bowling alley is 10 lanes, but Rigby says he plans to add 14 more.

There's also work going on outside the facility on a go-cart track.

Rigby says he hired 160 employees. 10 of them are in management positions. Many are teenagers, starting their first full-time job.

General Manager Chris Ollila is training the employees to greet customers next week.

Ollila said, "All they want to do is have fun. All we have to do is help them."

Pricing for activities at Rigby's is a la carte. If you just want to bowl, you only pay for bowling, or you can pay for several activities.

When you go, you may notice some more construction on the edge of the property, near Cohen Walker Drive.

Rigby wouldn't say exactly what that it is, but says it's got something to do with entertainment and water.


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