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Cook-Out restaurant chain opening in Macon, Warner Robins

Cook-Out Restaurant chain is planning to open a Macon and Warner Robins locations soon.

Joe Waterson, a member of the company's management staff, said Tuesday the locations are slated to open at the beginning of the year, possibly January or February.

Waterson, who opened a Cook-Out Restaurant in Milledgeville earlier this year, didn't have specifics on the location of the planned Warner Robins eatery, but said the Macon one would be in the Mercer University Drive area.

The North Carolina-based chain operates more than 150 restaurants in eight states, including South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland and Kentucky. There are several locations in the Atlanta area and they have restaurants in Statesboro and Athens.

Family meets Red Cross rescuer

Jenna Vega and Chris Kirby met on Monday morning for the second time.

The first time they met, Kirby had saved Vega from a fire at their apartment complex.

"I mean, it was a God-led situation. I mean, there was no way that ordinarily that would have happened," said Kirby.

Last Monday night, Vega had just taken a shower and given her two sons a bath.

Her husband, Michael, a senior airman, and was on leave in Korea.

When she went into the living room, she saw smoke.

Her apartment building had caught on fire.

"That's when I heard Mr. Kirby outside the door," she explained, " I went and I opened the door and I just saw, pretty much, the whole side of the wall was up in flames."

Kirby, a Red Cross volunteer, had just left work, and was heading to his apartment building that was next door to Vega's.

Some optimistic about Warner Robins unemployment rate

Unemployment rate in Georgia has been a hot topic. With Georgia ranked as having the highest rate, many are taking a closer look at the numbers in their local cities.

In Warner Robins, unemployment is at 7.1% from 7.7%.

Unemployment in Warner Robins is actually higher than it was at the same time last year where it was 6.9%.

According to the Department of Labor, Warner Robins lost 200 jobs this September.

Angie Gheesling at Houston County's Development Authority says that's an effect of the sequestration at the Air Force Base. But she says there's an upside to the loss of jobs.

With the amount of talent lost from the base, she thinks people ready to work and skilled to do highly technical jobs, make Warner Robins more appealing to potential businesses.

Proposed Government Regulations Are Challenging to Members' Electric Bills

REYNOLDS/PERRY/WARNER ROBINS/COLUMBUS-Proposed government regulations are expected to be extremely challenging for Flint Energies member bills, according to Chief Executive Officer Bob Ray.

“Since 2008, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has generated at least nine new regulations which attempt to reduce coal-fired generation for power plants,” said Ray. “Just two of those regulations have already cost Flint members $105 million.”

“These regulations essentially prevent construction of future coal generation plants,” he said. “The new ‘Clean Power Plan’ which has been proposed gives Georgia no credit for already reducing emissions since 2005, sets targets for renewable energy and efficiency which will cost more than they save, calls for more natural gas generation but no more gas pipelines to get the gas into Georgia….and effectively destroys affordable energy for our members.”

'Haunted House' is the old police station

Warner Robins Police Department invites you on an extraordinary, extra-scary walk through their haunted house.

The last time the department hosted a haunted house was five years ago, but they've never done it like this before.

They're using the old police station as the building of terror. They've decorated the rooms with skulls, scary dolls, and blood stains.

Actors will dress up during show nights, frightening people along the way.

Designer Mike Jones says an old jail offers the perfect scare.

"Well it does give a good feel to it. Especially with the electric chair. With that theme. It's an old building, you can get a lot of good haunts in an old building. It's just something about it," said Jones.

He's designed haunted houses for 15 years.

"I've actually had people pee on themselves," said Jones

Houston County is giving the flu shot and spray to students at no out of pocket cost.

Students in Houston County are being vaccinated against the flu.

For the past seven years, the school district has partnered with the Houston County Health Department to bring flu vaccinations into the schools.

Both faculty and students get the vaccines at no out of pocket cost.

Vaccines are offered for students with health insurance and those without.

The traditional shot and the nasal spray are available.

Houston Commissioners say they won't tolerate blight

Houston County Commissioners agreed Tuesday evening that tackling blight is an urgent priority.

Overgrown bushes, abandoned homes, and reckless maintenance of property are major problems in Houston County according to the commissioners.

Chairman Tommy Stalnaker said he has received more complaints in the past three weeks than he's had in the past three years.

"It is unfair for those people to have to live adjacent to these blighted areas. Particularly rundown structures where the roofs are falling in, windows are knocked out, doors are open" said Stalnaker.

He showed pictures of some blighted properties, and called them a haven for crime.