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Robins Civilians Could Be Furloughed One Day Each Week | Military

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Robins Civilians Could Be Furloughed One Day Each Week

Many civilians at Robins Air Force Base may soon be working only four days a week.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Congress today, that if the automatic spending cuts go through March 1st, civilian workers will be forced to take one furlough day each week, for 22 weeks.

The furloughs would start the last week of April and run through the end of September.

The furloughs will apply to 800,000 civilian employees nationwide, and about 9,000 at Robins.

The guidance on the unpaid leave from the Pentagon does not distinguish between essential and non-essential personnel. Departments will have to submit waivers to the Pentagon, if they believe certain positions are critical to maintaining minimum levels of security and operations.

The furloughs will cut civilian pay by about 20 percent, and are expected to save the government about $5 billion.

The across-the-board cuts are set to take place March 1st, unless Congress votes to delay them.

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