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Fall Fling Day 1: Plastic Storage Containers

Fall Fling Day 1:  Plastic Storage Containers

Welcome to the Fall Fling. Join us every day in October to start flinging the clutter from your life!


Get Organized this Fall

Get Organized this Fall

Fall is right around the corner. Before we know it, we’ll all be snuggled down in our homes, keeping warm and enjoying the holidays.  So now is the perfect time to get rid of clutter and start fresh. 


Join me for the entire month of October for a Fall Fling. Every day we will be sorting, discarding and flinging items and ideas from a wide variety of areas of our home and lives.  You can pick and choose which flings you would like do. You can do them every day or do them at your own pace. It’s all up to you! 


Learn how to plant shrubs and trees for the fall

Learn how to plant shrubs and trees for the fall

Homeowners can learn how to plan trees and shrubs for the fall at a class.

The class is taught at the Houston County Extension Office Thursday, September 11 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. That's in the multipurpose room in Perry's old courthouse, according to a release.

You'll also learn how to protect plants from winter frost and what winter vegetables to plan.

The class costs $10 to attend.

Register by September 5.

Email mg@uga.edu or download one from the Houston County Extension website.

Organize Your Kitchen: Meal Planning

Organize Your Kitchen: Meal Planning

OK, I’ll admit it. Meal planning is not one of my strong points in the kitchen. In fact, it is probably one of my biggest headaches. I don’t mind grocery shopping, putting away the groceries or cooking but I can stand in front of a full fridge or pantry and not think of a single thing to make. It’s like my brain just freezes up. Can anyone else relate?

So what are some ways that others deal with this necessary daily task? Here are a few that come to mind.

Make a List

Organize Your Kitchen: It's All About Location

Organize Your Kitchen: It's All About Location

When organizing your kitchen, it helps to treat your kitchen cabinets like prime real estate. In other words, it's all about location.

Keep the items you use the most, such as your every day dishes, on the lowest shelves of your top cabinets. Bulkier items like pots and bowls that you use a lot should occupy the front of your bottom cabinets. Items that you use really infrequently like a large platter you only use at Thanksgiving or the bread maker need to live in the highest cabinets. Another option for the infrequently used items is to store them in a hall closet or even in the attic. The things you use the most should be the easiest to get to on a daily basis.

Organize Your Kitchen: Group Like with Like

Organize Your Kitchen:  Group Like with Like

One great way to organize your kitchen to to group like things together and to give them all a specific home in your cupboards.

It’s hard for your kids (or husband) to find a glass when you have a few here and a few there and things are never put back in the same place. Putting all the glasses  and cups in one or two cabinets will keep things in better order.

Organize Your Kitchen: It's Time to Purge

Organize Your Kitchen: It's Time to Purge

Let’s face it, the kitchen can often become one of the most cluttered spots in the house simply because we spend so much time there. It is truly the heart of a home so keeping things simple and organized can make a big difference in our lives.

Sometimes our kitchen cabinets become black holes for chipped dishes, strange utensils and unwanted platters. Now is a great time to really go through your cupboards and get rid of things that are broken, unidentifiable or that you just plain don’t ever use. To paraphrase William Morris, keep only the things you use and love.