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New Trash Pick-up Routes in Houston County | Families

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New Trash Pick-up Routes in Houston County

Houston County Commissioners had a packed agenda Tuesday night, covering ground from sequestration preps, to a new schedule for trash pick up.

The meeting started with Retired Major General Robert McMahon, now of the 21st Century Partnership. 

He says they're preparing for the next BRAC by crunching numbers and conducting several surveys.

He anticipates the next BRAC in 2015, and says it's possible it could be like the one of 1995, where congress closed two Air Logistic Centers.

The county did receive $3 million of federal funding to help with Robins Air Force Base's encroachment issue.

Jeanne Moyer from Advanced Disposal asked the board to approve new garbage pick up routes for some Houston County residents.

She says the new routes are needed because areas have grown so much, the routes are uneven.

"Thursdays, which is our biggest route between 247 and 41, we're having to have a fifth truck out just because the area is so large. "

The new routes won't affect everyone, but those who are will receive a notification on their trash cans during the weeks of April 8 and 15.

The board also passed a long awaited project, the widening of Highway 41. The project will be funded by the 2006 SPLOST, and money from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

"Gunn Road and Highway 41 will be signalized. They will have a traffic signal there, you'll have a five lane section on Highway 41, and Gunn Road will be improved on both sides of Highway 41 there will be a three lane road you'll have left turn lanes coming off of Gunn Road onto Highway 41," explains Commission Chairman, Tommy Stalnaker.  

The twoyear project should begin in the next forty-five days
Although the Highway 41 widening project is a two year contract, Chairman Stalnaker says the county gives incentives for finishing early.


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