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WRPD Takes it to the Classroom | Families

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WRPD Takes it to the Classroom
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Officers in Warner Robins partner with Houston County schools everyday to try to stop violence before it happens.
13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet caught up with one officer that teaches elementary school students and one that hangs out at the high school.

Officer David Sabet teaches fifth graders how to curb violence and make good choices early.
It's the city's ADVANCE program and it's geared to ten and eleven year olds. 

"We talk about the different types of violence, physical violence, non-physical, verbal, property talk about all the different aspects of it and the physical side as well as the emotional side then we talk about how to stop this, how to think your way around it with a better decision then to just retaliate." explains Sabet. 
ADVANCE stands for avoiding drugs, violence and negative choices early. It's similar to the DARE program but more flexible and officer Sabet says they're able to gear it towards the student's needs.

In the classes students are able to ask questions and Sabet says he answers. 

"There's going to be enough kids in the streets that are going to lie to you i'm just going to tell you straight up whether you want it or not i'll tell you the truth, because you need to know." says Sabet 
He says if they start early enough they won't have to worry about arresting them later in life.

Warner Robins police officers don't just teach fifth graders, they're in the high schools too.

Kimberly King is a Resource Officer at Northside High, and says being there for the students is important. 

"We really need to make these children feel like if anywhere they can be safe in school, in their learning environment." says King.  

Both officers say being seen and being available for students is key.

Officers with the Houston County Sheriff's office teach and are present in the schools outside of the city limit.
And while the officers are still employed with their departments, the school board pays the officers to be present in the schools.

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