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Middle School Teams Advance to Regional Academic Bowl | Families

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Middle School Teams Advance to Regional Academic Bowl
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Middle School Teams Advance to Regional Academic Bowl


HOUSTON COUNTY, GA – Houston County’s eight middle schools competed in the district academic bowl on Dec 5, 2012.  The four top teams were Bonaire, Feagin Mill, Mossy Creek and Thomson.  These teams will next compete in the regional Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) Academic Bowl for Middle Grades on Jan. 12, 2013, at Feagin Mill Middle School.

Students fielded questions on subjects ranging from history to mathematics, science, literature and the performing arts.  The questions are developed by using factual information and Georgia curriculum.  Students answer toss-up and bonus questions to score points.  Sample questions from the competition included the following.  (Answers are provided at the end.)                    

1.  Social studies - His Scottish terrier, Fala, was once considered “the most photographed dog in the world.” Name this 20th-century U.S. President who, in his first acceptance speech, said, “I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people.”

2.  Science - Some of its nine major species are named after African countries like Nigeria and Uganda, while others include the Nubian and the reticulated. It mostly eats acacia leaves that other herbivores are too short to reach. Identify this popular mammal, known for its height that is created by its very long neck.

3.  Language Arts - Two of them are used to separate an appositive [a-POZ-a-tuv] from the rest of a sentence, while only one is needed to separate an independent clause from a dependent clause. Name this mark of written punctuation that separates a city from its state and separates items within a list.

4.  Math - Its volume is one-third that of a right circular cylinder with the same base.  Like a pyramid, this figure can be partially defined by its “slant height.” The formula for its surface area involves that slant height, as well as π and the radius of its circular base. Name this geometric solid that, when drawn on paper, looks a little bit like a triangle. 

5.  Fine Arts - Its steps includes encouragement, repetition, and listening—but surprisingly do not include learning to read music –at least, at first. Identify this method for learning the flute, the piano and all major stringed instruments that is named for the man who owned Japan’s largest violin factory.

Jan Jacobsen, director of gifted education, said that academic bowl competitions promote academic excellence and good citizenship.  Preparing for and participating in the competition broadens students’ horizons and increases factual information.  Jacobsen commented, “Thanks and appreciation go to the dedicated coaches, parents, administrators, readers and timekeepers for their commitment to our students and their learning. We look forward to the PAGE regional competition in January.”


The top contenders from the regional bowl will advance to the State Championship which will take place on Jan. 26, 2013, in Milledgeville at Georgia College & State University.  For more information about the academic bowl, contact Jacobsen at 478-988-6395, ext. 10393, or visit http://www.pagefoundation.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=2.  

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