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A DIY Home Organizing Assessment Workbook | Families

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A DIY Home Organizing Assessment Workbook
A DIY Home Organizing Assessment Workbook

You want to get organized, but maybe you are a real do-it-yourselfer or perhaps you aren't ready to have someone like a professional organizer come into your house to help you. The problem is you just don't know where to start. Often that's the most common reason organizing projects don't begin. People are just too overwhelmed to figure out where the starting line is.

A Professional Home Organizing Assessment

Let me share with you what I do when I come to a client’s home to do an assessment. Even if their main concern in their overcrowded office, I ask them to give me a tour of their entire house. This allows me to see (with my outsider's eyes) how the house is organized (or not) as part of a big picture. We go from room to room as I look in the closets, cupboards and drawers because that’s were many of us all hide the majority of our clutter. The client and I talk (a lot) about what is working for them and what is not working for them, where their main trouble areas areas and what their goals are for these spaces. 

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Andi Willis is a Home and Photo Organizing Expert and the owner of Good Life Organizing based in Perry, GA.  She is a Professional Organizer who loves to help people find creative solutions to organize their homes and simplify their lives. Andi can help you get past the clutter and get on with your life! 


Find Andi at Good Life Organizing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also contact her by email or (478) 550-1969. Check out her guest blog and videos on Uncle Bob’s Self Storage Blog. You can also find her ebooks on Amazon.


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