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Back to School Organizing Roundup | Families

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Back to School Organizing Roundup
Back to School Organizing Roundup

(This blog originally appeared on the Good Life Organizing website.)


Either school is already back in session for your kids or it will be soon. So it’s that time of year when organizing experts share their wisdom on how to make the back-to-school process go a little more smoothly.


For your convenience I have rounded up blog posts from 12 of my esteemed organizing colleagues as well as a few of my own to get you ready for a fantastic new school year!


First, here are a few of my latest school related blog posts.


An Essential School Supply: The Academic Planner


Organizing for Back to School - with bonus video



Mandy Anderson of Organized by Mandy


Guest Blog on SmartHappyOrganized.com

Back To School: A Parent’s Guide to Be Ready

• Tip #2: Don't forget the haircuts



Stacey Anderson of Life Gets Organized


Timing is Everything! How to Get the Family Out the Door

• Reality check: Make sure you’re giving you and your family enough time to begin with.



Crystal Barton of Happily Ever Uncluttered


Mom’s Back to School Success Checklist

• Clean out your car – It’s been a summer of hauling kids around. Why not start the school year off right by having a clean car. You will feel so much better with a clean car.



Jonda Beattie of Time Space Organization


Getting Prepped for Back to School

• When the school calendar comes in, immediately put important dates into the family calendar. You don't want to be caught short when there are teacher work days, early dismissals, known field trips, etc.



Liana George of By George Organizing


9 Things You Can Be Doing Now to Get Ready for School

• Arrange for any necessary doctor appointments.



Leslie Josel of Order Out of Chaos


5 Tips for an Organized and Stress Free School Year

• Hang clocks in each room of the house that your child spends time in — especially the bathroom – so they can see the passing of time.



Stacey Murray of Organized Artistry


Morning Routine Secret Weapon: How I Get Two Kinds Out of the House on Time

• My secret weapon:  The ‘Business Before ‘Pleasure’ Method for Morning Routines



Sabrina Quairoli of Sabrina’s Organizing


Student Backpack Organization Made Easy

• The key to successful paper management is to have an easy system to maintain & retrieve.



Jill Robson of Life Sorted


My Grade Niners Homework Chart

• As all our children are different and all learn in their own unique way, sometimes you have to think outside the box to get results.



Hilda Rodgers of From Overwhelmed to Organized


Creating Fall Routines: So You Don’t Get Overwhelmed

• it's OK to not participate in everything.



Seana Turner of The Seana Method


Help! The School Year is Coming

• Remember that each child is different. Some like working on the floor, some on the kitchen table, and a few even like the desk in their rooms!



Keepy App


10 Ways To Survive Back To School

• Give your children daily responsibilities at home by keeping a chart of assigned chores (i.e. taking out garbage, folding laundry, kitchen duty etc) in a central location.


What is your favorite back to school tip?



Andi Willis is a Home and Photo Organizing Expert and the owner of Good Life Organizing based in Perry, GA.  She is a Professional Organizer who loves to help people find creative solutions to organize their homes and simplify their lives. Andi can help you get past the clutter and get on with your life! 


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