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Cleanup the Computer: Organize Your Files
Cleanup the Computer: Organize Your Files

You’ve heard about how important it is to have a good filing system (one that works for you) for your paperwork. Did you know that it is equally important to organize your digital files? Yep, it is! And storing a lot of your files on the desktop of your computer is not always the most efficient way.


The first step to setting up a good digital filing system to set up folders. Storing all of your documents under My Documents with no subfolders makes for a jumbled mess. Create broad but specific categories that make sense (such as Work, Proposals, Personal) then create smaller sub categories within those folders. And when you name the folders think about how you recall this type of information. If I call a type of document a proposal but you call it a report, your folder name should be Report because that is how your brain thinks of it.


If you files are already jumbled, consider setting up your folders, saving new documents in this systems and then slowly work backwards to place the older documents where they belong. During this step you can also delete obsolete and outdated files.


Finally learn how to use your computer’s search function. This makes it so much easy to search for “Miller” than to remember exactly where you filed the Miller report. I use mine all the time and it is such a time saver.


Andi Willis is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Good Life Organizing based in Perry, GA.  She is a home organizing expert who loves to help people find creative solutions to organize their homes and simplify their lives. Andi can help you get past the clutter and get on with your life! 

Find Andi at Good Life Organizing, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also contact her by email or (478) 550-1969.

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