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Paper Purge: How Long Do I Need To Keep It? Part 2 | Families

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Paper Purge: How Long Do I Need To Keep It? Part 2
Paper Purge: How Long Do I Need To Keep It? Part 2

The eternal question is how long do I keep this piece of paper. We worry that we may need it someday. Here are some guidelines for some of the main kinds of paper we all deal with.

Medical Records - At least one year for bills and Explantations of Benefits from your insurance company and until you are sure the bill has been paid and settled with your insurance company.  Your medical records should be kept permanently. Don’t depend on your doctor’s office to keep them for you.

Taxes - Seven years for all of the supporting documents such as 1099s and W2s. You need to keep the actual returns forever. But no need to keep them right in the middle of your home office. Box them up and put them in an out of the closet or in the attic.

*These are suggested guidelines only. Your situation may be different. Please consult your accountant or tax attorney.


Andi Willis is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Good Life Organizing based in Perry, GA.  She is a home organizing expert who loves to help people find creative solutions to organize their homes and simplify their lives. Andi can help you get past the clutter and get on with your life! 


Find Andi at Good Life Organizing, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also contact her by email or (478) 550-1969.

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