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Parents speak out about school zoning plan | Families

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Parents speak out about school zoning plan
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Parents speak out about school zoning plan


Dozens of parents filed into Perry High's auditorium to voice their concerns on the board's rezoning proposal.

"We wanted our children at Matt Arthur so that's why we purchased our home," explains one parent.

"My concern is the distance. There's not a good route to take from our subdivision to get to King's Chapel," says another.

Some even argued they'd have to drive past their child's current school to get to the new zoned one.

"I live not even two miles from Matt Arthur. Now you're wanting me to send my child to Kings Chapel which is eight miles away."

Marianne Melnick, Chairperson of Houston County's Board of Education addresses the distance: "When you rezone you're going to adjust bus routes anyways, things will change."

Jennifer Folsom says she understands that the schools are growing and change is needed, but hopes the board considers grandfathering in her rising fifth grader.

"It's one year that she loses her friends and is put into a new situation to adjust, just to turn around ten months after that and go to the middle school."

But Kenneth Clark had a different opinion. "I am the odd man out ," Clark told 13WMAZ. "We want our child to go to the new school. I believe it will be a fresh start."

"We wish that everyone could be happy with the plans. However we knew going in that that's an impossibility," says Superintendent Dr. Robin Hines.

The board says they'll take the comments into consideration before they vote on the zoning plan. That will happen at the next meeting, scheduled for February 11th.

Families, Schools

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