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Craft Beer Store Opens in Warner Robins Monday | Families

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Craft Beer Store Opens in Warner Robins Monday

If variety is the spice of life, then the Kressin family of Lizella would be packed with a lot of heat.

Jeff Kressin is an Air Force Reserve officer, his wife, Beth, a dog breeder, and together they've owned numerous businesses, including a flight school and an alpaca farm.

Their latest venture adds new flavor, in fact 45 of them, at a Warner Robins craft beer store.

The Kressin family believes they're about to hook-on to an untapped desire.

Jeff Kressin said, "People in Middle Georgia have really been lacking something of this nature."

It's carry out. The Lazy Dog Growler is not a bar.

Customers will buy what's called a growler. They come in 32 or 64 ounce sizes.

Jeff described the growlers as "nothing more than a bottle you contain beer in." They are amber-colored to keep light from damaging the flavor of the beer.

Customers take the containers home to drink.

The containers are reusable, and can be brought back to the store for refills.

When Jeff Kressin moved his wife and children from Ohio for a job at Robins Air Force Base last year, he saw an opportunity.

He said, "The concept of craft beer has really exploded."

It's a thirst they're now poised to fill at the Lazy Dog Growler. It's located at 3123 Watson Boulevard in Warner Robins.

Friday, Jeff, Beth, their son Nate, and daughter Sara were putting the finishing touches on the business. Nate will be the store manager when it opens Monday.

Together, the family handled every detail. They tasted, tested and created the name for the place. It's inspired by their love for dogs and beer.

Jeff said, "Down south, sitting on your porch, enjoying a fresh beer in the summer time, with your dog that's really lazy sitting next to you, watching the world go by. What a great picture."

Forty-five handpicked draft flavors are ready for the picking, flowing from kegs chilled to 36 degrees.

Jeff said, "There's a significant difference between a good quality craft, draft beer versus one that's in a bottle."

Kressin said, "My family has never been more excited than they are for this business."

The Lazy Dog Growler will also offer root beers and cream sodas for kids. There are also kits available for people who want to make their own brew at home.


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