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Vote: Your Farmers Market as America's Favorite

Make sure to vote in America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest and let the world know why you love your local market. 

1. Once you click the link, search for your town or zip code in the box. 

2. When you see your farmers market, click on the farmers market name.

3. Submit the information, with a short description of why your farmers market is great to finish your vote!

The Heat is on in Middle Georgia

The Heat is on in Middle Georgia

We all know it's hot here in middle Georgia and we don't have to be a meteorologist to know it'll be like this for a while. I personally am NOT a fan of summer. Nothing about the hot, hazy days during this time of year appeals to me.

Summer comes with a resume of misery if you ask me. First and foremost, we have the wretched heat. My a/c runs non stop trying to keep it cool in my little house and this is with the help of fans. No such luck, it's still hot. This of course leads to the astronomical electric bills. My favorite uncle ever owns a heating and air business here in town and he says the only thing I can do is buy blackout curtains and keep it as dark as possible inside. As if the heat isn't bad enough we also have the horrid humidity. And I have naturally curly hair. And then there's the bugs. Don't even get me started on the bugs. Ants, mosquitoes, wasps, ticks...you name it and it's out in full force, in my yard.

El medio ambiente y los combustibles--siempre conectados

          Actualmente, el abuso de recursos naturales es muy común. En los Estados Unidos especialmente, la cultura está basada en el uso de combustibles fósiles y consumismo innecesario, sin los cuales una sociedad no puede funcionar. Este estilo de vida ha sido normal por los años desde la popularización de automóviles en los 1920, pero los efectos malos en el medio ambiente requieren que la humanidad reconsidera sus acciones; ¿debe cambiar para acomodar el resto del mundo? Si los hábitos de la raza humana no cambian, estará imposible salvar la flora y la fauna que depende de su entorno para vivir. La dependencia en combustibles fósiles es malo para el ambiente, otros organismos en la planeta, y para humanos también.

Flower Show for Senior Citizens Club

Flower Show for Senior Citizens Club

Keep Warner Robins Beautiful sponsored a Senior Citizen Flower Show for members of the Senior Citizens Social Club to celebrate Keep America's Beautiful's Great American Cleanup.


Nationally Accredited Master Flower Show Judges were Dora Etheridge, Beanie Harrell and Elaine Privette, a Keep Warner Robins Beautiful news release says.

Warner Robins Senior Citizens Social Club members entered flowers in various categories: Cut Specimen (flowering or foliage), Container Grown Plants, and Floral Arrangements. 

In the Cut Specimen category first was awarded to Frances Roland, second place went to Betty Hewitt and third place was Agnes Partlow. 

In the Container Grown Plant category first place was awarded to Jim Tye, second place to Connie Engen and third place Darlene Zion.  I

Become a Weather Watcher!

Become a Weather Watcher!

Hey guys! I'm looking for weather reports from your neighborhood to include in our weather coverage, and I want to hear from you!

Here's how you can become part of the weather team:

Museum Hosts Youth Astronaut Day


This year’s Museum of Aviation Young Astronauts’ Day on Saturday, May 14 will feature a live hook-up with a U.S. space program official at The Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. 

That's according to a Museum of Aviation news release.

National Aeronautic and Space Administration Education Specialist Scott Anderson will be live on big screens in the Century of Flight Hangar talking to and taking questions from over 500 1st-8th grade attendees. 

The hook-up will take place during the opening ceremony from 9:25am- 10:25am.   Anderson will demonstrate some of the equipment used aboard the International Space Station in a presentation called “Toys in Space.” 

Major General Bob McMahon, Commander, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center at Robins Air Force Base, will address the students on the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   

Making Cold Processed Soap Part 2

Making Cold Processed Soap Part 2

In this segment Dan is measuring the oils to get ready to mix in the Lye for SOAPMAKING.  If you would like to learn more check out our next class on saturday May 7 at 10 a.m. in the Mossy Creek Soap Studio!  http://mossycreeksoap.com/item_217/Cold-Processed-Soapmaking-Classes.htm

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 3!  And if you haven't seen part one you can see it here..  http://warnerrobins.13wmaz.com/news/arts-culture/making-cold-processed-lye-soap/50633

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