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Central Georgia Students Play Career Bingo | Education

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Central Georgia Students Play Career Bingo

Three Central Georgia school districts are marking Career and Technical Education month with a career fair at Middle Georgia Technical College.

More than 800 high school sophomores Wednesday walked the aisles of the Galleria Mall's Conference Center in Houston County, searching for advice on finding a career path.

Respresentatives from 82 local businesses showed up for the fair, which was in part coordinated by Middle Georgia Technical College.

To keep them on their toes, each student was given a Bingo card, not to play the popular game, but to help them with their career search.  On the cards were different questions they could ask some of the showcased employers.

Patrick Ivey, Director of Career Services with MGTC, said, "It's to recognize how they present themselves.  Presentation is all about how they dress, how they talk."

Student Christopher Gale found the resource helpful.  "As I've learned today, that there are many different options that I can do to prepare myself," Gale said. "Like during the interviews, things that you should or should not do, such as smile and have a firm handshake, and just keep a positive attitude."

Organizers said this is the first time the Galleria Mall has been the site of a career fair.

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