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WMAZ Viewer Sees Rainbow, Shares Perspective | Community Spirit

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WMAZ Viewer Sees Rainbow, Shares Perspective
WMAZ Viewer Sees Rainbow, Shares Perspective

I was driving east on Watson last night getting ready to make a left turn onto Carl Vinson when two sheriff cars blocked the intersection.

At first I was a little perturbed because it seems we're always in a hurry. 

After several minutes I saw more sheriff cars escorting the two hearses carrying the Sullivent sisters to their final resting place.

Feeling a little guilty of my earlier reaction, I made the sign of the Cross and said a quick prayer for the young girls.

The sun was shining and there were storm clouds close by dropping sprinkles of rain down.

I looked up and saw a rainbow in the sky seemingly reaching out over the cemetery where the young girls were getting ready to be laid to rest.

Looking closer a second smaller rainbow appeared above the brighter larger one. I know its strange but at that moment I felt like the heavens were opening up and God was saying its alright I have them now.

I do not Know the Sullivent Familyand like everyone else in the community share in the sorrow and the grief of this Families loss of two precious young girls. Hopefully the Sullivent Family also saw the rainbows and share the comforting feeling that God is now taking care of their precious girls.

I finally realized I should take a picture of the rainbows. By time I got my cell phone out and ready to take the picture the second smaller rainbow was gone.

Just thought I would share this picture with you.




John Elliott


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