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Why do we offer wedding favors at weddings?
Why do we offer wedding favors at weddings?

The Wedding favor tradition goes back to the Europeans as it was a symbol of wealth and royalty. The very first wedding favor was called a bonbonniere. Which is a small box made out of precious stones, porcelain or Crystal that was filled with sugar cubes. At the time it was not only given out at weddings but in all important ceremonies. These trinket boxes were given as a way to bestow their good luck on their guests. Then once sugar became affordable we started offering Jordan Almonds which are candied almonds~ They symbolized fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

A Wedding Favor should be made to look special like they were prepared just for you and not out of a box. They don't have to be expensive, just a token from your special day. Most people especially family members love to keep a keepsake from your special day.

In our busy schedules it's hard to offer something handmade, if you can't make it check out ETSY.com. Over at Etsy you can find everything from Jordan Almonds in a pretty box to mini colored tin buckets with chalk fronts on them. There is a wide variety of favors to choose from~ Make it personal and don't order everything from a catalog (made in china). Choose instead to offer something as special as you are~

 Since many people cannot eat sugar you may want to offer them something everyone can enjoy~ A Handmade Bar of Herbal Soap.

You should also know a little history about soap...

The traditional history of soap and itself was a symbol of wealth as only the wealthy could afford to bathe with soap. Egyptians were the first to experiment with soap, also...In 1622, King James 1 monopolized soap artisans for $100,000 a year. Soaps throughout history has been heavily taxed thus making it hard for common man to purchase and use it. It wasn't until the 1870's this tax was removed and made available to the common people.

Now, It's your turn to share in this wonderful history! You cannot go wrong with offering soap as a wedding favor plus you won't have to worry about whether or not they can eat sugar or if they are allergic to nuts or the rest of the family~

 You can order your own wedding favors from us on our Etsy Page mossycreeksoaps.etsy.com

 Or you book your private consultation and learn how you can make them yourself in our studio Mossy Creek Soap Studio

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