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Brothers of the Heart
Brothers of the Heart

Best friends forever. Bonded. Soulmates.

Those are some of the ways Blackie and Sammy are described by those who have met them down at the Bibb-Macon animal control facility at 1010 Eleventh Street in Macon.

Turned in by their owners, who could no longer keep them, these young dogs huddle together in their kennel, confused and unsure about why they are there and what will happen to them.

Sammy is a full-blooded Labrador retriever with the typical happy-go-lucky, "let's play" demeanor when he's taken out of the kennel. Blackie is a lab mix and a little more reserved -- a little shy, maybe, or a little more afraid of what the future may hold. He stays as close to Sammy as he can, for reassurance, to be near a familiar loved one.

Because they are owner surrenders and because they came in after the recent Pet Pardon, there is no reprieve for these two friends without adoption or rescue. Dogs and cats surrendered by their owners don't have the "luxury" of a seven-day hold period. They can be killed within minutes or, if they're lucky, the shelter will keep them as long as there is room and room for hope.

Unfortunately for Blackie and Sammy, the shelter is quickly running out of room. Strays must be held, and thus have first dibs on available kennels. When those run out, well, kennels have to be made available, one way or another.

The ideal solution for these BFFs is a home or, at least, a foster home where they can be together for the rest of their lives. They blossom the moment they are out of the kennel, spirits lightening noticeably, but they are too well-behaved to get rowdy. They do like to play together, and would love a nice, fenced yard where they can do that.

They have lived in harmony with other dogs and with children, but it is unknown how they feel about cats. Since Fiona Fred, the "test" cat left the shelter, there's no way to find out how animals are with cats.

Blackie (ID #A247051) is 3 or 4 years old and Sammy (ID #A247050) is about 2 years old. Their adoption fee is already covered, and a friend of the dogs has offered free invisible fence collars to anyone who adopts and installs invisible fencing for them.

The pair is probably housebroken and appear to be in good health, though they are due for their shots and should be tested for heartworms as soon as possible. Their neuter surgery is covered by the donated adoption fee.

Go to the Macon-Bibb animal control facility at 1010 Eleventh Street to meet Blackie and Sammy. They can be adopted separately, though obviously, they would prefer to remain together. You can meet them anytime Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You can call the shelter at (478) 751-9200 for more information, but be aware that the phones are always very busy and it is sometimes hard to get through to anyone.

Wednesdays are the traditional "kill day" at the shelter, but every day can be the last for any one or more of the animals there, so time is always of the essence. "Tomorrows" are not guaranteed.

To see all of the pets at the shelter, click here.

If you can foster Blackie and Sammy, please go to On Borrowed Time on Facebook and post your offer.

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