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Warner Robins Animal Control PETS OF THE WEEK and Saturday Adoption Day!
Warner Robins Animal Control PETS OF THE WEEK and Saturday Adoption Day!

This Saturday January 19th, 2012 is the monthly Saturday Adoption Day at Warner Robins Animal Control.  Go down between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to view our pets and possibly find your next best friend.  Not only will you have a friend for life, you will become a hero by saving a life.   Please visit our Facebook Page!

Happy Pet Mobile Vet will be on Site for all of your medical needs

While you are here, please think about becoming a Volunteer Hero!  We need adult volunteers for so many areas.  Help us save our pets!

                                                                           ADOPTABLE PETS OF THE WEEK!

Note: The caption of each picture has the name and number of each pet to match with the description below.  There is also a hyperlink to connect them directly to petfinder.com to see if they are still available, and if there is a video available on their page.  Thank you!

3399 Cali is an unaltered senior female Boxer mix that is tan with a white chest and white feet.  Her tail is long and her personality is huge.   She is a doll!   This sweet girl has the color and body movements of a Boxer and she is possibly mixed with lab. This older girl has become very lonely. She is still energetic, but is also very skiddish, but sweet.  She needs a home now and has been changed to URGENT!

0064 Astro is an unaltered adult male domestic short hair white cat with black, tan, and grey markings. He has a pink nose, pretty green eyes, tabby markings, and a tabby tail.  Sweet quiet cat. He has a cold, help get him a home!

0013 Daisy is a brindle and white unaltered female Bulldog mix that is about five months old.  She is young, active, and full of fun.  Her nose has pink speckles in the black and her coloring is so pretty!

0014 Duke is a brindle and white unaltered male Bulldog mix that is about five months old.  He is young, active, and full of fun.  His nose is deep black and his coloring is so pretty!

3364 Micky J This is an unaltered pretty red male PomChi x that has black highlights and a tannish red underbelly.  He is really sweet, maybe 15 pounds.  He loves to prance around and see new things, he seems really smart also.  They are usually quick to learn.

3395 Sport - Look at this guy!  What a Sport!  He is an unaltered Terrier x Min Pin mix that is tan and has a short tail.  He is quiet and loving, just waiting for a good home.  Look at those cool ears!  Love them!  Very friendly lap dog, cute, small house dog. sweet, does not seem to bark a lot, comes when called.

3555 Baby is a good looking NEUTERED adult male brown and black domestic short hair Tabby mix that has white markings on his underside.  His loves some good scratching on his noggin!  Such a good boy!

3165 Morris is an unaltered medium hair adult male Orange Tabby that is looking for that forever home that is waiting for him. He has big light green eyes and long white whiskers.  He loves to be petted also.

3396 Patches is an unaltered, striking domestic medium hair Torti Calico female adult with beautiful green eyes.  She shows them off with the grace typical of cats, and she would love to show them off to you. 

3324 Primo is an unaltered, cute little male Dachshund x ( Min Pin?) mix that is black and tan with longs legs and tons of energy.  He does like to bark though, he needs his energy worked off and training.

0019 Abby This is an unaltered domestic short hair black and white female talkative adult with gold eyes.  She is ready to make your home hers, so please call the Warner Robins Animal Control at 478 929-7290 if you are interested in adoption.

3320 Turvey is an unaltered young female Cur mix that is about eight months old and brindle in color.  They are very sweet and friendly.  Gentle when you pet them.  It is hard to tell them apart!  They are happy and playful.  Adopt one or both!  She has been here since November!

3409 Sheena This young beauty is an unaltered 10 to 12 month old female Hound / Black Lab mix that has a really shiny coat.  She loves playing with toy and is a bundle of energy.   This young lady still has some pup in her, she runs like an antelope, the precious girl is so happy she is rolling with joy.   She will make someone a wonderful companion and you will love petting her velvet coat. She has been here since the end of October 2012.

0004 Sugar is an unaltered black and brown domestic short hair female kitten that is very, very friendly.  She has a really soft coat, so easy to pet!  She is about four months old and ready for a forever home.  Please call the Warner Robins Animal Control at 478 929-7290 if you are interested in adoption.

3219 Pepper This is an unaltered adult black male Retriever mix that is about a year old.  He is waiting for his furever home!  He has those eyes that look right into your heart and talks to it directly.

Please call the Warner Robins Animal Control at 478 929-7290 if you are interested in adoption.

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