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Sailor is Love in a Pretty Package!
Sailor is Love in a Pretty Package!

Sailor is a beautiful, energetic, 20 lb. 3 to 4 year old spayed female pup that loves kids and other dogs.  She is potty trained and crate-trained.  She has recently been trained to sit for her food, but that needs to be reinforced as it is a new routine and she is very young.  She is the perfect age for learning new things.  Sailor loves to be around people and is curious about all things.  A secure, fenced in backyard is a wonderful thing for her, she loves to play and run around in it.  She will play well by herself with toys for a good amount of time, but she is a Velcro dog.  She will follow you everywhere.  At night, because of the allergies, we open the door to her crate and tell her to go in, shut the door, and say goodnight.  The crate is next to the bed and she sleeps well all night in it even though our other dog sleeps in our bed.

     Sailor is a goofball: loving and sweet.  The amount of love she gives is truly amazing for such a small package.  She will sleep in your lap or lay on it and try to lick your ears, I cannot let her do that, but she wants to.  She loves to play on the floor.  Right now, she is curled up in a chair sleeping, not knowing that I am trying to find her the best home ever.  We love helping her find the life she deserves!

     Sailor was picked up by a kindhearted woman named Pat who saw her and took her in.  Pat has a heart of gold.  She cut the burrs out of Sailor's coat and bathed her as well as she could.  Her coat was so thick and matted it was hard to get her clean.  Pat knew I volunteered with Animal Control and fostered for the Humane Society so she brought this cute baby to me.  That is how I met Sailor; a stray dog without a name.

     I took her to Southwood the first weekday they were open to have her scanned for a chip as I just knew she had to have an owner.  I did not give her a name thinking we would find her family very quickly.  There was NO microchip.  Unbelievable: a dog that was obviously cared for, potty trained, crate trained and NOT microchipped!  I had her brought up to date on her shots and started looking for her family.  There were a few times that we thought we were close, but it was never the right match.

     Warner Robins Animal Control works with many of the local rescues; the Humane Society of Houston County being one of them.  Sailor would have been made available to them once time had been given for the owner to find her.  I sent her picture and information to them in case her owner tried to find her there.  Once the time period was up, she was released to the Humane Society and she is now available for adoption.

The Civilian Board works to find homes for all of the pets at Animal Control - this one just made a detour and became a little personal to me.  Please go to their website for an application and follow them on their Humane Society of Houston County Facebook Page!

As always, please follow us on our Facebook page: Warner Robins Animal Control!



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