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New Year Begins on Sour Note for Pets in Need | Community Spirit

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New Year Begins on Sour Note for Pets in Need
New Year Begins on Sour Note for Pets in Need

There is an old cliche: No good deed goes unpunished. When area residents try to do the right thing by helping a lost, injured or distressed animal, that old cliche can become all too true.

In recent months, several dogs and cats have been helped by Good Samaritans who reached out instinctively to help. For them, the priority is to handle the immediate need, and worry about the rest later.

Several area animals are in need of broader assistance from the public, however. They were taken in off busy streets, found wandering and lost in the neighborhood, injured in accidents or are simply excess baggage for an uncaring family. The Good Samaritans who helped these animals expected to find homes for them quickly, but in some cases, a permanent home still eludes these pets in need.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill were emaciated dogs that required immediate, critical care to ensure their survival. A call for help went out on AC Pup's Facebook pages in July 2012, when someone found the starving dogs and rescued them. The two were taken in as fosters months ago, and carefully nurtured back to health. Now that they are healthy and the bad times are behind them, Jack and Jill need to find permanent homes.

Read Jack and Jill's story here.


Gunnar was found behind a Kroger store a few months ago, his collar and leash still attached. The Good Samaritan who rescued Gunnar could not keep him, and he languished in boarding at Northside-Wesleyan Animal Hospital for weeks. Finally, when time was about to run out, Gunnar was finally adopted. He was neutered and went to his new home, but as happens now and then, the adoption did not work out. Gunnar, who is good with everyone and a laid back, gentle dog, is back in boarding. He is in dire need of a permanent home where he can be part of the family.

Read Gunnar's story here.

Male Beagle

Amanda Kilgore is like many local animal lovers. Not formally affiliated with any rescue group but supporting them through fostering and helping with chores and errands, Kilgore's only aim is to help animals in need. An acquaintance found a gorgeous, full grown beagle on Audubon Road recently and took him in to keep him from being killed on the street. (See main photo) After an effort to find the dog's owner failed, the Good Samaritan began actively searching for a new home for the dog, since she cannot keep him. Kilgore has stepped up to be the contact for anyone interested in adopting the beagle, who appears to be about 3 years old and in excellent health. Call Kilgore at (478) 960-4605 if you're looking for a furry friend for life.

Emergency Foster Needed

When a dog gave birth at Warner Robins Animal Control a few days ago, Macon Purrs N Paws stepped in to pull Maddie and her nine babies. Newborns often die at shelters. Maddie and the babies were fostered by a couple near Columbus, where they were safe and warm and well cared for - until tragedy struck. The husband was killed in a freak accident New Year's Eve, leaving his wife and two very young children. Because this devastated family has more than they can handle, Macon Purrs N Paws seeks to lighten the load by moving Maddie and her pups to a new foster home. This must be done immediately, to help both the human and the canine families during this tragic time. If you can help, call or text Macon Purrs N Paws at (478) 719-5808, or e-mail them at maconpurrs@facebook.com. Foster families do not have to pay for food, medical care or other expenses for the animals they foster. The rescue takes care of that.

Leo the Cat

Macon Purrs N Paws is trying to help find a new home for Leo, an 8-year-old cat whose owners, for some reason, don't want him in the home with their new baby. Contact Macon Purrs N Paws on Facebook if you can help Leo.


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