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Animal Control Officer Gets Citizen's Praise | Community Spirit

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Animal Control Officer Gets Citizen's Praise
Animal Control Officer Gets Citizen's Praise

Another officer making a positive impact!  Thank you for sharing your story with us!

"Officer Greg Langston is an amazing human being.  I wanted to let someone know how much we appreciate him.

On Saturday, our new little dog, Roxie, ran away from home.  We were very upset and concerned that she may have been picked up by someone who would not return her or that she might get hurt.  We spent all evening Saturday and All Day Sunday combing the neighborhood around the house and putting up flyers.

Monday, the shelter is closed to the public, but obviously, Greg was hard at work.  He passed our flyers hanging in the neighborhood while out on his lunch break.  When he saw them, he went back to the shelter and found our Roxie had been incarcerated.  He went out of his way to not just let us know she was there, but he brought her back to us at our house.  

We would have been contacting the shelter tomorrow once it was open again,  but Greg spared us another afternoon of searching and worrying about our littlest family member.  

We appreciate him and what he did for us."


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