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Chamber Hosts a Ribbon Cutting for Marco’s Pizza, Hwy 96

Chamber Hosts a Ribbon Cutting for Marco’s Pizza, Hwy 96

The Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting for Marco’s Pizza, located on highway 96, on Tuesday, April 26, 2011.

Marco’s Pizza is the fastest growing pizza franchise in the nation and has recently become one of the top pizza franchises in the nation.

Located locally at 405 GA Highway 96, Suite 800, Marco’s Pizza #8066 is co-owned by Rick Poston and Woody Johnson.  Marco’s offers carry-out, delivery and dine-in.

Marco’s makes authentic Italian pizzas focusing on three key areas: dough, sauce and cheese.  Dough is made fresh daily in each store; a proprietary sauce recipe that blends imported spices and three types of vine-ripened tomatoes; and an exclusive blend of three fresh cheeses (never frozen, unlike many pizza chains).  The menu includes pizza, subs, salads, cinna-squares, wings and signature Cheezybread.

Chamber Awards Robins Announces March Small Business of the Month

Chamber Awards Robins Announces March Small Business of the Month


WARNER ROBINS, GA- The Small Business of the Month Committee of the Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce presented Robins Eye Care, located at 334 Margie Drive, with the Small Business of the Month Award for March 2011.


Robins Eye Care (REC), a comprehensive eye care practice, was established in September 2005 in Magnolia Plaza on Watson Blvd.  They moved to their new location at 334 Margie Drive in 2008. 


“Dr. Anitha Kannan and her staff were friendly and fast,” said one patient.  “I called for an appointment and was able to be seen the same day and received my glasses the same day!  The doctor was knowledgeable and personable too.”


Unemployment Rates Decline Warner Robins

State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said that the preliminary unadjusted unemployment rate in the metro Warner Robins area decreased to 7.4 percent in March, down three-tenths of a percentage point from a revised 7.7 percent in February. The jobless rate in the metro Warner Robins area in March a year ago was 7.5 percent.

The rate decreased because there were 200 new jobs in Warner Robins in March, mostly in the service-related industries, and there were fewer layoffs in manufacturing and retail trade.        

“The unemployment rate decreased in Warner Robins, as well as in all of the state’s other 24 local areas,” said Butler. “This is encouraging, and hopefully indicates that a modest recovery may be building throughout the state.”

The lowest rate, at 7.3 percent was in metro Athens, while the highest rate, at 11.7 percent, was in the Heart of Georgia – Altamaha region around Dublin.

Centerville Students Win Region Stock Market Game

Centerville Elementary fifth-graders in Paula Peavy’s class for gifted students learned about economics by participating in the Georgia Council on Economic Education (GCEE) Stock Market Game. 

That's according to a Houston County Board of Education news release.

One of her teams qualified as a regional winner.  On May 3, the children and Peavy will attend a luncheon to be recognized.  Team members are:  Jake Maddox, Logan Cowperthwaite and William Catey.

Save a Cup for Earth Day, Get Free Coffee

Conserve. Get free coffee.

In honor of Earth Day today, you can bring your travel mug to Starbuck's and get a free cup of coffee.

On any day though, you can bring your travel mug or tumbler to Starbuck's and receive 10 cents off your purchase, or you can order your drink "for here" and drink out of a non-paper cup.

Starbuck's Earth Day article says that 1.2 million people participated last year. That's a lot of saved paper cups! And that's just one day.

What if we used our travel mugs every day?

Tell Us: Where is the Best BBQ?

Where is the Best BBQ Where You Live?

Tell us your favorite BBQ place by commenting on this post with our new commenting feature.

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Nominate through Wednesday, April 20.

Let's find out who has the best BBQ! 

Made in America

Made in America

There is a new movement happening, anything handmade and local are hot items these days. You can see this happening online at Etsy.com, your local craft shows during the holidays and your local farmers markets in spring.  Who wouldn’t want something grown or made/crafted with skilled hands from a neighbor?  I know I do! 

I know you’ve seen it.  But do you understand it? The new buzz phrase… “Made in America.”  Sounds great doesn’t it….Say out loud  “Made in America.”  

Ok.. so maybe I should have said “ Buy Local”…  Or what about “Handcrafted,” “Handmade,” and “Homemade.”  I have to ask the big question?  Do you buy local? Or just grab something from the big box stores?