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Take Your Dog to Work Day | Business

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Take Your Dog to Work Day
Business, Pets

June 24 marks "Take Your Dog to Work Day."

The event is sponsored by Pet Sitters International.

They provide seven tips on ensuring you and your pooch have a great day at work together.

1. Check with your colleagues and management before bringing your pet pal.

2. Dog-proof your work space.

3. Consider your dog's behavior. Make sure he is fit to hang out with you at work. 

4. Bring a doggie bag. [treats, leash, toys, etc]

5. Plan feeding times in accordance with your work schedule.

6. Not everyone is a dog lover. Make sure you don't pressure others to interact with your dog.

7. Have a back-up plan. Your dog may rather take a half-day and want to go home. Just don't leave your pet in the car.

Business, Pets

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