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Making Cold Processed Lye Soap | Arts & Culture

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Making Cold Processed Lye Soap
Making Cold Processed Lye Soap

This is my husband Dan making a soap video for a bunch of guys on his local forum.  In this video he is showing the process of mixing lye and water together.  Please be mindful and respect the lye.  It is a caustic soda and it will burn you if not properly handled.

(In the Mossy Creek Soap Studio we teach you how to properly handle the lye) But for right now you will need a face mask, chemical gloves, eye protection and we suggest closed toed shoes as well before you ever open the container.  

If you would like to see more go to our website and check out the completed processes in making Lye Soap.

And if you're interested in learning more about making soap as a hobby or as a new business consider taking classes in our Studio at the Mossy Creek Soap Studio, located at 4501 Russell Parkway, Suite 6 in Warner Robins.  

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