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Made in America
Made in America

There is a new movement happening, anything handmade and local are hot items these days. You can see this happening online at Etsy.com, your local craft shows during the holidays and your local farmers markets in spring.  Who wouldn’t want something grown or made/crafted with skilled hands from a neighbor?  I know I do! 

I know you’ve seen it.  But do you understand it? The new buzz phrase… “Made in America.”  Sounds great doesn’t it….Say out loud  “Made in America.”  

Ok.. so maybe I should have said “ Buy Local”…  Or what about “Handcrafted,” “Handmade,” and “Homemade.”  I have to ask the big question?  Do you buy local? Or just grab something from the big box stores? 

I ask these important questions because although we are inundated with brand names everywhere, we have local businesses that support our community in a number of ways from donating their time/money through your church to supporting the local little league.  These are the same people who took a loan from a community bank to start their small business, who purchase products from companies that employ you and if you are fortunate to have a job..they may be your direct employer.  

We are all looking for ways to get healthier, live smarter (save a few bucks) and to buy products we know are good for us. Whether it is the “green” movement, or the “natural” movement…we are looking for something that we feel is good for us. Buying local provides diversity in our community that are not on a national sales program like the big box stores.  

Begin by shopping at the local farmers markets to get your vegetables made with local farmers, purchase plants for your gardens from local nurseries, enjoy local jam made from your neighbor that knows just the right amount of sugar that it needs to taste good and go to your local hardware store who knows your name because you have managed to run over that sprinkler head with the lawn mower too many times.   

Make a promise to buy local this year and support your community. It will be hard to wean ourselves but it is better for all us that we diversify our shopping needs. You never know… it could be you one day out there selling something you made with the love from your grandmother's recipe. 

If you happen to be one of those newbies out there and always wondered what is needed to successfully run a craft business and make money at it?

You should sign up for our next class where you will learn how to market, develop and design a product that you can sell at your local craft shows. Also, learn how to price your items, which craft shows would be good for you, important items to bring to your craft shows and credit card processing information (what to look for). Check out our class called Craft Show BasicsDate: April 16  10am-11:30am Price: $35.00 in the Mossy Creek Soap Studio.  

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