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Do you believe in Holistic Medicine? Aromatherapy? | Arts & Culture

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Do you believe in Holistic Medicine? Aromatherapy?

Holistic Medicine is defined as the art and science of treating the whole body rather than treating conditions and symptoms. I personally had to venture down this path many years ago when I developed carpal tunnel. It was a dark period in my life but I managed the pain with traditional medicine and then tried acupuncture. What I found comforting was the fact that the Acupuncturist took an entire 2 hours with me to determine the best course of treatment. I felt that this had to be the way instead of traditional procedures for pain management. I soon began to heal and because of this my entire lifestyle changed.

Opening up different possibilities, I thought..hmmm~ if it worked so well for my pain what about my moods? I am a firm believer that one scent can make your day or relax you just before bed. Enter in~ Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is also a part of holistic medicine which is defined as the practice of applying the healing benefits of essential oils.

How many times have you smelled something and immediately it brought back a memory attached to it? Do you know that your sense of smell can detect over 10,000 different odors and many of which can certainly be mood altering! Why doesn't everyone like the same scents, if it smells good shouldn't everyone like it? It seems to be that the scents we favor most have to do with our up bringing, we tend to like scents that we are familiar with. I can still remember how wonderful my german grandmother used to smell~ A little like Bergamot, Lime, Orange, Rose and Musk..it was her perfume 4711 Echt Kolnisch Wasser. So needless to say I really love these same scents as well, I guess I am trying to recreate that scent in time.

Good memories~ Check out The Sense of Smell Institute for more fun facts about your sense of smell at www.senseofsmell.org and to understand why odor can be mood altering.

The holidays will be here soon and we'll be enjoying all the holidays fragrances~ Pumpkin, Spice, Frankincense, Red Currant, Orange and Chocolate. what memories do those hold for you?

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