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Williams Accused of Pointing Gun at Tenant | News

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Williams Accused of Pointing Gun at Tenant

 A Warner Robins man says council member John Williams pointed a gun in his face during an argument at Williams' home on McArthur Boulevard Monday night

 Brandon Shaver says he rents his current home from Williams. The two are also next-door neighbors.

In an interview with 13WMAZ, Shaver said when he got home from work Monday night, his wife told him that Williams wanted him to stop by to discuss their current rental agreement.

He says the incident happened on Williams' front porch after Williams told him he wanted Shaver and his family to move out the next day to make room for new tenants.

According to a Warner Robins police report Williams also told police that he and Shaver argued because the tenant hadn't paid his rent in months but refused to move out.

Shaver acknowledges withholding rent for three months, but says he did it because Williams had failed to do repairs on the rental property, including fixing a broken front window and repairing a leak in the kitchen ceiling.

According to the police report, Williams said he ordered Shaver off his front porch and Shaver refused to leave.

 Shaver says it was around that time that he first saw the gun. "He decided to walk behind his front door and pull out a revolver and he was holding it down by his side at that time. At that point I put my hands up in a non-threatening gesture."

Shaver says he told Williams he wasn't armed. "I said I have nothing to defend myself with against you and he took a pocket knife out of his pocket, and threw it down at my feet and said now you're armed."

Then Shaver says, Williams pointed the gun about three inches from his head, which is when Shaver says he left and called police.

In the police report, Shaver also accuses Williams of threatening to "blow his head off."

The report says Williams admitted to pointing the gun at Shaver but denied threatening him verbally.



Willliams told police he felt threatened because Shaver is a corrections officer who was probably armed.

Both Williams and Shaver called 911 after the argument.

Shaver says he's now concerned for his family's safety.

"Now were just on edge, we're not sure what he's thinking, what he's going to do possibly or if he's even thinking about doing anything at all. And also the fact that we live right next door to him, it just makes us that much more uneasy," says Shaver.

The police officer wrote that he did not find enough evidence to charge either man and advised them on how to file charges in magistrate court.

Shaver says he plans to file for a warrant for Williams' arrest.

 To be fair and balanced, 13WMAZ went to Williams' home Tuesday night to ask for an interview. His wife answered the door and says Williams has no comment. 



Earlier this year, Williams was accused of filing a false police report about a stolen cell phone. Another man told police that Williams showed up at his house after the man sent the councilman a critical e-mail.

Williams has not been charged in either case.




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