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Warner Robins Woman in Need of Wheelchair Lift | News

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Warner Robins Woman in Need of Wheelchair Lift

"This threw me for a loop because I can't do what I once did. In fact, I sit here in kind of a pickle because I don't have anyone."

Ellen Wadsworth is in a tight squeeze when it comes to getting around.

"I'm a double amputee, this happened to me in '08."

She says severe blood clotting caused her to lose her legs a few years ago. She depends on an electric chair to move around. She says the chair was donated to her by the wife of a war veteran who passed away before he could use it.

Wadsworth says the electric chair is a blessing, but it's not much help when it comes to getting to and from the doctor's office.

She can't take it with her because she doesn't have a lift on her car. Instead she is forced to take her old manual chair.

"It's been wonderful. I can get around a lot easier. It's difficult pushing the regular chair on carpet but this one is no problem. It doesn't wear me out. I want to get help in getting a lift put on the back of my car where it will be somewhat easier for someone to take me to the doctor, rather than having to lift my regular wheelchair, putting it in the trunk and having to take it out. I've tried every way. I've called disability connections for help, people in Atlanta and different places there and nobody seems to be able to help me."

Wadsworth says with a heart condidtion, pancreatic problems and other ailments, getting a lift will surely lift her spirits and give her one less thing to have to worry about.

"I'm just praying that somebody out there, that God will move on their heart and that they'll help me."

Wadsworth says quotes for lifts she has received cost more than a thousand dollars.

She's hoping to possibly get a used lift that someone could donate.

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