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Warner Robins Building Authority Steering LEC Project | News

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Warner Robins Building Authority Steering LEC Project

Plans for a new Warner Robins law enforcement center inched forward Friday, but the group working on the project, wants to put construction on the fast track.

The Warner Robins Building Authority wants construction to start by January, if not sooner.

Building Authority Chairman Bill Douglas said the Warner Robins Building Authority was created by the state legislature more than ten years ago to "manage and hold properties for the city." He said their primary responsibility in recent years has been to oversee the finances of the city golf course.

The Building Authority met with representatives from the Regional Development Commission at City Hall, Friday morning.

They asked the RDC, a planning and development authority for local governments, to work in an advisory role on the police center project.

Douglas says the city already pays annual dues to the RDC, so there's no up-front costs associated with a contract. He said the mayor and council would have to approve any expenditures outside the Building Authority's budget.

Douglas said the RDC will help the city look for grants and hire a builder and an architect. He said, "What we wound up deciding is, we want a package that includes both the architect and builder to work together as a package, instead of going out independently."

Douglas said a few years ago, the city signed contracts with an architect and a builder to construct the LEC. He said those contracts still exist, but the city should re-bid them, because the location for the LEC changed from the original options. He said a one story building would be best for the property, instead of the two story building originally designed by the architect.

Council would have to terminate existing contracts with JMA and International City Builders.

Records show the city about $160,000 for JMA's services on the LEC, since 2007.

City Attorney Jim Elliott said "both contracts have provisions for termination by either party, with some terms and conditions."

Mayor Chuck Shaheen said two weeks ago, that the city plans to build the law enforcement center on property between First and Third Streets. That's across from Robins Air Force Base, along Watson Boulevard.

Council has not officially voted on the location, but none of its members have expressed opposition to the spot.

The Building Authority also discussed plans for an environmental assessment of the properties and demolition of existing buildings. They expect to have more details on the cost and scope of those projects by the second council meeting in October.

That meeting is scheduled for October 18th.


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