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My Teacher Is Tops

Some students at Miller Elementary School in Warner Robins say their teacher is all fun and games.

Michael Bloom, a first grader at Miller Elementary School, says his first-grade teacher Rita Tucker thinks outside the box when it comes to learning.

"I'm gonna put a smiley face in the box because we are a happy class today," says Mrs. Tucker.

After 37 years of teaching, her students say she brings fun into the classroom.

"We play puzzles and we play nouns," says Tonna Williams.

"Nouns" is a Mrs. Tucker special, and one of the kids' favorites. It's a flashcards game.

But Mrs. Tucker says of all the fun she's had in the classroom, this award is tops!

'It was very surprising, I was just shocked to death," says Mrs. Tucker.

The students say another favorite is creating booklets with their teacher.

"We get to show each other our writing," says first-grader Briana Cooper.

And Mrs. Tucker says Michael always has a new booklet to share.

"Thats just a part of who he is. Every time work is done, he has a little booklet that he has goin' on," she says.

She says she never imagined he'd go beyond sending her booklets and nominate her for the award.


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