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Houston NAACP Asks John Williams to Resign | News

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Houston NAACP Asks John Williams to Resign

Houston County's NAACP says they've had enough of Warner Robins councilman John Williams.

The local chapter's president sent a letter to Williams Tuesday, asking him to resign, citing two racial remarks.

The letter also calls upon other city officials to turn away from "their wicked ways of name calling and disrespecting each other."

On Monday night, when council member Daron Lee complained that he was tired of being disrespected by other members and said, "I'm not working in a cotton field," Williams responded, "You should be."

And last spring, he allegedy told Lee's brother, Warner Robins Redevelopment Agency Director Gary Lee, that "I don't want your skin to touch me." Gary Lee made that claim in a letter to city officials.

Williams is white. The Lees are black.

After those comments, the NAACP's Larry Holmes wrote that Williams has "no business serving on the council."

He wrote, "We believe this councilman would serve the city of Warner Robins better by resigning his position."

Williams said Lee was wrong to make a statement about a cotton field in the first place, and that he will not resign.

Williams said his comment to Lee was not about "black or white." He said it was intended to make a statement about Lee's behavior.

Daron Lee said, "He meant what he said. Now he's trying to go back and retract what he said. If he's man enough to say it, and say it to my face, he should be man enough to handle the repurcussions that are going to come down upon him."

Lee said he agreed with the NAACP's statement, asking for William's resignation.

The text of Holmes' letter:

"To: Mayor Chuck Shaheen and City Councilmen

"If the Mayor and City Councilmen of the City of Warner Robins who were elected by the citizens of Warner Robins would humble themselves, and pray; turn from their wicked ways of name calling and disrespecting each other, then will the Lord hear them from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their hearts and bestow love and harmony in each and everyone of them in order to move the city to new growth.

"The National Association for the Advancement of Color People was founded on the beliefs embodied in the Constitution of the United States of America. We support democracy, dignity, and freedom. Our vision is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights and there is no racial hatred or racial discrimination.

"We believe public officials who are elected by the people are to serve ALL the people without regards to color, race, or religion and are mandated to do so. Council members with problems of being touched by blacks and wishing them back into "cotton fields" have no business serving on city council. We believe this Councilman would serve the city of Warner Robins better by resigning his position.

Larry Holmes, President

Houston County NAACP



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