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Attorney: Parents Fed Starved Child | News

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Attorney: Parents Fed Starved Child

A Warner Robins man accused of starving his 2-year-old son to death withdrew his bond motion today because his attorney says he's waiting for more evidence.

William Davis III appeared in court Thursday for a scheduled bond hearing, only to withdraw it. The 25-year-old was arrested last Tuesday along with his live-in girlfriend 23-year-old Sade King.

Medical crews found the infant son starved to death inside their Tiffany Place home September 11. The couple faces murder and cruelty-to-children charges.

Davis' attorney Public Defender Nick White says he's delaying the hearing until more evidence comes in.

"I've spoken to third parties, not my client, that lead me to believe that this isn't a simple case of neglect.--that this is a case dealing with medical issues where the child failed to thrive," says White.

White says family and friends of the couple are telling him that D'Shawn Davis was fed and got medical care. He suspects that an ailment prevented him from getting nourishment.

He says he's waiting for more evidence, including an autopsy report and the child's full medical records.

"I've seen a copy of the 911 report," says White. "It indicates to me that the mother reported the child throwing up and refusing to take food."

Davis' mother Patricia Williams appeared in court and told us by phone her grandson's death "doesn't make any sense."

She says her son told her he often worked 12 or more hours a day, came home, and went to bed.

As for reports that Davis was indifferent to his son's death, White says he isn't seeing that picture.

"He's a heart-broken man," White says. "He's very emotional about it. Very heart-sick about it--as you would expect a father to be."

For now, Davis has returned to the Houston County Jail. The new date for his bond hearing is not yet set.

White says he requested a separate attorney for King to avoid a conflict interest in the upcoming case.


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